TV Media Coverage

When we meet with prospective Luxury Clients who are thinking of selling their home, very often they ask “what kind of marketing will you be doing?” 
When it comes to listing and selling a luxury home it requires a lot more personalized attention, specialized marketing and really drilling down on what makes the Sellers home special? 
How do we target Buyers? How do we find Luxury Buyers? What are Luxury Buyers looking for?

The Keene Team, with years of experience in the entertainment business truly understand the Media and how to get the Clients Luxury home out to the world.
Luxury homes have to be marketed Globally, not locally.

We also tell a Luxury Homeowner – Anyone can list a Luxury Home. Not everyone can Sell it.

We have cultivated relationships with local tv reporters, news directors,  newspaper journalists and other media outlets. 
The Keene Team thinks outside the box. We create customized marketing specific to the home. We spend time with the homeowners and listen. What is special about your home. What does it convey? What kind of Buyers would love your home?  Does anything need to be updated to appeal to today’s buyers? 

 Below please watch our Live TV interviews with Local Las Vegas TV Networks. We arranged for our Luxury listing to be featured on CBS, Fox and NBC!  Enjoy!