A miracle. Caught early. Yearly Check ups! That is my mission now to get the word out to every woman!

I have had yearly mammograms for over 20 years. My mother and her 2 sisters passed away from Breast Cancer so I have been very vigilant about getting screened.

A shadow was discovered in March of this year during a routine screening. It was flagged and I went back for an ultrasound, and a 3D Mammogram at the Breast Center at Sunrise Hospital. Best thing I ever did. They caught a lump. 

I then had a biopsy confirming my worse fears. I had cancer.

My whole adult life, I have worried about this happening. I had hoped to dodge the bullet, but I didn’t.

Long story short: It was caught very early. Stage 1 and had not traveled to my lymph nodes. No chemo needed. Short radiation and now I take medication for the next 5 years. I am SO Lucky!

1. Do not put this off.

2. Make sure it is the new 3D Mammogram technology machines

3. Get help. Don’t go on this journey by yourself. Ask for support. 

In thanks for my great diagnosis I am paying if forward by making and donating pillows for cancer patients (we call them Warriors) for them to use during their treatments. I was given one and it was a great comfort. 

Stay well, stay healthy!! Get screened!!