It seems like every other commercial these days is about some type of mattress or new-fangled mattress product….
Sheep are not the only ones selling bedroom furniture and sleep systems. 


According to a recent article by home designer Carolyn Muse Grant of Inside Spaces, beds are the new must have feature in a home. 

But which mattress to buy? Have you been caught lying down on a mattress in a store? I did! If you have a tall husband like I do, we couldn’t just take one home … but rather like a car. we had to test drive it! If he rolled over (he’s 6’4″) would I slosh around like we were in a water bed. Are water beds even still around? No thanks!

And what kind of mattress do you buy? Pillow top, hard, soft, memory foam, this new Casper? And what the heck is a Purple mattress? 

I am so confused.. Funny thing is we actually do need to replace our current mattress set. They say you should replace it every 10 years…

We are way over due! 

This nice thing about these new mattresses, they are shipped to you in a box…. I hear they are easy to open.. and best thing: if you don’t like it.. send it back.

If you are styling a home to sell… Do you stage the home with the new ‘it” mattress?

I personally don’t see Sellers spending money on a new bed… but you can freshen up the bedroom adding a new head board, end tables, wall paint, blinds/curtains.

Many times when looking at homes.. owners have turned bedrooms into dens, offices, gyms, etc…  stagers tell us that you need to turn those rooms back into bedrooms because Buyers get confused about what the room is for?

The ultimate heavenly bedroom should be stylish, relaxing, and calm. The beds should have a head board and a foot board of some kind. 

At a recent Feng Shui class the instructor told us that TV’s in the bedroom are a no no! If they owner must have a TV it has to be in Armoire or entertainment shelf with doors.

This post has made me sleepy! Time for a quick cat nap!
Pleasant dreams to you!